"If you don't #Fight for what you @want, don't cry for what you #Lost."

"Be @Somebody nobody thought you #Could be."

"You only gets one @Life, so make sure, you do what makes you @Happy."

"It's true @Love when someone @hurts your heart but you keep loving them with all those @broken pieces."

"Never @give up on something you really #want, it's @difficult to wait, but it's more @difficult to regret."

"Do everything with a good @heart, and expect nothing in @return, and you will never be @disappointed ."

"@Efforts are better than @promises."

"Never #expect to get what you @give , not everyone has a @heart like you."

"When someone helps you, and they are @struggling too, that's not help that's #Love."

"Real is @Rare."